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Entrepeneurship course for higher education (IO3)

This course was created in cooperation with Burgos University for their students and other adult learners (VET). It is substantial pre-incubation type of training which provides the opportunity to form teams over the different educational levels and professions. The course is aimed for incubation centres and other educational institutions who are willing to provide incubation services to their learners. The usage of that IO is also restricted by the necessity of presence of certified team coach.


Objective: Improve entrepreneur skills in a practical way by combining the TOY model, the Lean Startup and Agile development methodologies.
Preconditions for starting the course: Young students (18 – 31)from the University and VET system with a business idea.
Number of participants in the study group: 20- 30 students (20 projects)
Meetings/ contact lessons: 140h (Average 2h/week during 5 months)
Individual learning hours 80h (Individual tasks + Teamwork)


Learning outcomes – development of entrepreneurial competences:


1-Personal autonomy: confidence, desire to success or how to make decisions and solve problems.
2-Leadership: management, communication and negotiation skills
3-Innovation: creativity, open mindedness
4-Business abilities: market oriented, financial issues and human resources. Marketing and communication strategies




Presentation delivered (Poland) describing the curriculum and its actual implementations (Pilot testing).

Presentation delivered (Mons) describing the curriculum and its actual implementations (Pilot testing).

Description of the curriculum developed

Example of an implementation (pilot testing) calendar, corresponding to 2018 (First pilot testing).

TOY Explorer plan: Extended description on the methodology and structure of the course produced.

Informe 2019 TOY Explorer Burgosvesp: Full report on the second pilot testing after the fine tuning including methodology approach, description of activities, list of participants and projects and logistic details. This is a 31 pages report yet in Spanish, for it was not expected to be required the translation and initially conceived for internal use.