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Entrepreneurial School

The Entrepreneurial School tool (or ES tool) provides the organisation with an analysis of its present
state of entrepreneurship education. The tool comprises:

– a comprehensive Questionnaire with 80 questions entailing 4 different approaches to the
subject and 20 different points of view. The approaches are: structural approach,
professionalizing approach, partnership approach and pedagogical approach with 20
questions of each.

– Entrepreneurial School Roadmap, a guidebook to the analysis of the results of the
questionnaire and for making a development plan based on that.

The tool was originally developed by Agence pour l’Entreprise et l’innovation.

The key idea of the questionnaire is that the same questionnaire is filled in by students, teachers and
management to see if they share the same views. Based on the results of the questionnaire, the
organisation can draw a diagram indicating clearly the organisation’s strengths and points of






20 regards, une feuille de route entrepreneuriale

the tool « 20 views, an entrepreneurial roadmap » allows you to reflect on the entrepreneurial dimension of your school and to structure your actions. 92 pages.

 80 questions for the management staff of an organization to define its entrepreneurial state and provide suggestions for improvement.




English translation of the Belgian entrepreneurial roadmap

A direct translation into Finnish of the Entrepreneurial School questionnaire. The 80 questions of the ES method translated into Finnish with minor adjustments made to make it more understandable in the Finnish context. Before using the questionnaire, it is a good idea to study the handbook of the ES tool first.

The original ES questionnaire was shortened in order to improve the user-friendliness of the tool. This version of the ES tool can be used yearly to follow up on the results of entrepreneurship education measures, rather than conducting a more comprehensive analysis on a longer timeframe. This version serves best as a quality management tool for organisations that are already active in entrepreneurship education.

this is essentially the same questionnaire as for staff and management, but with less questions concerning the organisational issues. This tool can be used in the yearly quality management of the entrepreneurship education measures, providing the organisation with the students’ point of view of them, complementing the results of the staff questionnaire.

Can be used by various institutes supporting entrepreneurship development – schools, foundations, associations, local and government institutions in Poland.


Entrepreneurial school roadmap

The handbook of the ES tool, which contains the explanations and manual for using the Entrepreneurial School questionnaire to analyse the state of entrepreneurship education at a school. For organisations wishing to start developing entrepreneurship education, or otherwise needing a comprehensive analysis of its present state.